Tech Resources that All Students Should Take Advantage Of

September 7, 2016

Free Tech Tool Box For Students

With students coming into the first year, some resources students might not be aware about. This article is just to share all the things that I found were useful over my years as a CS Student at McMaster.

Github Education

Github’s education package provides a whole suite of different tech packages that are all helpful in your learning of programming. A list of what they offer are:

  • 50$ in Digital Ocean Credits
  • A year of Bitnami (Host your web applications)
  • Github Unlimited repository, fantastic for all those projects that you’ll be making Here is the link for Github Education

JetBrain IDE Suite

With all the things that we do on IDE, one of the best IDE’s that you can get right now are the JetBrain’s IDE. They offer several IDEs for different languages and uses, here is a general list below

  • WebStorm NodeJS web application development (front end to back end)
  • PyCharm Full Python development IDE
  • Intellij One of the best Java IDEs you can get besides of eclipse
  • PHPStorm a PHP IDE for web application development

All of JetBrain’s products are fantastic in their capabilities and easy to use UI. They offer a student discount on all their products to free. Meaning you get to try their entire suite of applications for free Here is the link for the student portal


Want a free .me domain? Namecheap offers a free .me domain to all students. Domains mean -> personal website -> putting yourself out on the internet to legitmize yourself Here is the link for NameCheap


With our CAS program, we have the pleasure of being able to have a DreamSpark account. Which gives us access to suites of free microsoft application such as Visual Studio 2016 Ultimate, which comes with so many features that we will probably never use. Here is the link for Microsoft’s DreamSpark Program at McMaster, for Computing and Software

There always seems to be problems with students trying to login to McMaster’s dreamspark network, usually you need to register first. And there are two different DreamSpark programs, one for CAS and another for Software Engineering. Link to McMaster University - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Make use of your time in university

While you have the tools to make and do whatever you want, make use of your time and use the resources to create your own website, and deploy your first web application This article will continue to get updated while I find more deals for students.