Terry here.

Not sure what I can write in the beginning without sound either too nerdy, not funny, or serious. I am just the average joe programmer with the BURNING passion for technology, literally woven into me. I think I would say at the time that I am rewriting this first paragraph, I would describe “current year” to be the year of Javascript, VR, and machine learning which I hope by the time whoever is reading this, those 3 subjects are no longer the dominating factors of the year.

I was a computer science student at McMaster University in the lovely city of Hamilton Ontario. I am was a hackathon goer, community volunteer, coding mentor, and the president of McMaster’s largest tech community PhaseOne formerly known as HackItMac. If you ever really want to know more about me look at the resources I’ve laid out for you below. If you want to talk to me, drop me a email at <[email protected]>

PointClickCare, Fullstack Java Developer Present

You know, doing the thing with the stack. Currently working on Spring Boot applications, writing secure and correct rest API end points. Have the ability to clearly communicate to PO’s regarding specification and render a mvp that actually fits their needs. Also am able to create front ends that just about does anything the PO wants, it just takes some espresso shots to get all the Javascript sorted out.

Is also the scrum master of my current team, living by YOGA (YOU ONLY GO AGILE), working within 2 week sprints.

President of PhaseOne Formerly HackItMac 2016-2017

Leading the team behind the largest tech club at McMaster, and the hosts of McMaster’s only Hackathon DeltaHacks

PointClickCare, Test Automation Engineer Co-Op 2015-2016

Created continuous integration jobs on Jenkins that integrated with TestRail and the automation framework to delivery daily test results

Refactored an aging search function that is heavily used through out the automation framework, which in turn had a 90% decrease in search time

Developed multi-scenario, multi-page, end to end tests within PointClickCare’s web application

Gave multiple educational workshops to developers and QAs, teaching them how to use the automation framework and how to integrate automation into their workflow

PostrBoard.io 2016

Postrboard.io is a fully integrated university club management solution that I designed and developed using Node JS, MongoDB, and AngularJS

HackTheNorth, Every Drop Counts 2015

Every Drop Counts is a hardware and software system aimed to conserve water in a household. The system monitors water usage and automates water conservation through several sensors connected to an Arduino which is then controlled with a Raspberry Pi

Every Drop Counts was a finalist at HackTheNorth 2015 presented by the University of Waterloo

MHacks 6, Job Choice 2015

Job Choice is a Node JS application that utilizes IBM Watson’s trade-off analytics with standards of living indexes. It is used to aid in the decision of which offer of employment and location has the best value and living standards.

Job Choice was the recipient of the Best Use of Analytics and Analysis at MHacks 6

HackItMac Executive and Mentor 2014-2016

Mentor for DeltaHacks II, assisted students in web development, deployment on to the cloud, and server environment setup

Logistics leader in planning out McMaster’s first hackathon, Delta Hacks

Mentor for HackItMac, teaching students how to develop web applications in Node JS and web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

PointClickCare, Spring MVC Developer Co-Op 2014

Developed business components in Spring MVC, and created report templates using iReports for PointClickCare’s web application

Refactored legacy code that was part of the previous J2EE project to make better use of Spring MVC’s feature set