New Years Resolution

December 29, 2016

I don’t write a lot, especially with my poor skills in articulating my thoughts with written words. I’d rather stay far away from it, but how would I ever improve if I just hide from this fact about my life. I am going to take this post to reflect what 2016 has taught be, and reiterate those same new year resolutions that I didn’t complete in 2016. I think writing on this empty blog where I think the internet might be watching will keep me accountable for this year’s resolutions.

With 2016 coming to an end, let me recount what I set as some of my goals for this year and see if I did learn those skills that I promised myself for in 2016.

  • Learning AI and machine learning
    • Started doing a courser course, did ½ of it and then due to personal things (vacation, and a family emergency) that just never got finished
  • Finishing design patterns
    • Finished half of it, still needs more work on it, especially even implementing it
  • Studying Algorithms
    • Yup, I have 50 cue cards about algorithms, but only have implemented like 3 of 25 algorithms.
  • Finish Learning how to learn another courser course
    • Finished it, enjoyed it, very quick and easy course highly suggest for anyone looking to learn how to learn faster
  • Worked on some of the skills that I haven’t touched in a while such as sketching and drawing.
  • Became PhaseOne *Formerly known as HackItMac’s president, taking on the role as the leader of the most innovative technology club on campus.
  • Learning a whole list of different APIs and frameworks
    • Google Maps
    • Firebase
    • Angular JS 2.0 Well maybe we all need a reset point with that being the day that we all have collectively agreed upon as the new year. And for this year, my one and only resolution is to make every minute of this year count and not to waste time doing things such as the following:
  • Browsing Reddit endlessly
  • Watching documentaries on Youtube that don’t relate to anything I do

But mainly I want to focus on just developing a couple of my core fundamental skills of being a constant learner and seeing how the world is growing every day.

2017’s resolution is going to be just 3 fundamental things I want to work on:

  • Better software engineer through learning and making
  • A healthier lifestyle through exercise and better management of my stress
  • And giving back to the community

I think with it being my last year at my school it’s time to pull out all of the effort and just put in the 100% that I need to make this last term worthwhile.